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Hello! I’m so glad we have connected — I’d love to tell you more about me & how I ended up here. About 11 years ago, I found myself in a really dark place. My dear father had just passed away unexpectedly, my house was in foreclosure, I had suffered through 3 devastating miscarriages, my marriage was strained and I was dealing with my daughter’s chronic health condition. The most crippling of all was processing the delayed memories of sexual abuse I experienced as a child. I felt broken beyond repair — there were moments I wanted to close my eyes and not wake up. Slowly I went from drowning to treading water. It was definitely an upgrade but I still felt stuck and I didn’t know how to get unstuck.

This took me on a very long journey that required a lot of work and a slew of 17 counselors and coaches to get me where I am today. Now, I am living my most radiant life and want to show you how to do the same. My once strained marriage is now rock solid, I love myself more deeply than I ever could have imagined, I’ve traveled to over 45 countries, I’m the mother to 5 independent, fantastic children and I’m sharing my light with others so they too can design their best lives.

My deepest desire through the Let it Glow program is to help you find your purpose, have deeper relationships, love yourself more, have a healthier mind and body and heal from past traumas. Through my training in Behavior Kinesiology, Life Coaching and Energy Master, I have developed a trifecta approach that combines psychology, spiritual and energetic tools to get the most impactful, life-changing results. I use them in my daily life and know the power each one and how they work together. Most importantly, I have helped countless women find healing, transformation, passion, freedom and peace in their own lives. If you’re thinking: “I’ve tried other programs and I always fizzle” or “this won’t work for me,” THINK AGAIN! The Let it Glow Method is different from anything you’ve tried before. I will show you the way! Don’t settle for treading water, you were meant for so much more. Take the leap and invest in yourself — it’s time to leave your baggage behind & design a radiant life!

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